5 Ways to Personalize First Notice of Loss Reporting

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July 5th, 2016


shutterstock_306793247 - CopyYour FNOL team will be seen as the voice of your company by your customers. It’s essential to personalize the way your organization handles First Notice of Loss reporting by following these five tips.
Communicate with Sincerity
You want to make sure all of your communications with customers are sincere, especially when handling a claim. Have live operators to handle FNOL calls and have them identify themselves to the customers. Hire representatives who have people skills as well as technology skills and who share your company values.
Handle Claims Proactively
Make sure claim representatives don’t just take down information and fill out forms. Train operators to be able to notice potential underlying issues and resolve them immediately or pass the information on to the right department. Solving problems before they occur will help the claims process run smoothly and increase customer satisfaction.
Offer Convenient Communication Channels
Multi-channel FNOL reporting has become an essential element – leverage this strategy by having the same operator help process the claim from start to finish, even if this occurs over multiple channels. If one representative answers a customer’s tweet, email and phone call the customer will feel a personal connection to the employee and this will improve their experience.
Offer Multiple Methods of Form Delivery
In addition to allowing customers to file their claims on multiple channels, your company should also be prepared to deliver forms in multiple ways.  Attaching a jpeg to a tweet, texting information or attaching forms in an email can help customers receive the paperwork they need sooner so they can begin the recovery process faster.
Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver
In an effort to calm an upset customer, a customer service representative may make promises the company can’t keep. Not only does this not improve the situation, it can hurt the company’s reputation. Train your representatives to only make promises the company can keep and to always tell customers the truth, even if it is something they don’t want to hear.
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