5 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Morale

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January 8th, 2018


shutterstock_174875483If you think there isn’t a direct correlation between employee morale and absenteeism, think again. Employees with low morale are also likely to lack motivation, have low job satisfaction, and call out more often. While managers and employers should search for the root cause of the morale issues, there are several easy ways improve the office mood.

  1. Make birthdays a holiday. Most workplaces offer paid leave on government holidays. However, there are certain days no individual wants to work—his or her birthday being a common one. By letting staff take their birthday off (or the Friday before if it falls on a weekend), it signals to employees that their company cares about them. It also serves as a nice gift!
  2. Offer flexible start times. Not everybody’s personal life is well suited to a specific start time. Employees with children may prefer a later start to allow them time to drop kids off at daycare or school. Staff attending college in the evening may prefer to start work earlier to allow more time to relax after work before heading off to class. By offering flexible start times, employees can achieve a better work-life balance.
  3. Allow staff to listen to their own music. While managers may not relish the idea of employees wearing headphones at the office, it has proven benefits. Employees who listen to their own music while working are often happier and more productive. It can foster creativity as well.
  4. Ease up on the dress code. Wearing a suit and tie does not make staff better able to perform their job. In fact, casual clothing tends to make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed. So long as employees are not meeting with clients, allowing them to dress down on Fridays is a simple way to boost their morale. It also can help prevent staff from mentally checking out in preparation for the weekend.
  5. Call it quits early on Fridays. Even if staff members are in street clothes, they may be longing for the workday to end and the weekend to begin. If there are no pressing deadlines and employees are up to date on their work, consider closing the office an hour early on Fridays. If employees know they are getting out of work early, they will have more motivation to focus on the remainder of their day. It is also an easy way to make the entire office happy.

If your staff is struggling with low morale, you may start to notice attendance issues. Employees may start to call out more often, arrive to work late, or leave early. Once absenteeism creeps into the workplace, it can be hard to resolve. Actec can help your business track absences and implement measures to improve attendance. To learn more, contact us today.