4 Common Causes for Absence that Hurt Your Company Reputation

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March 20th, 2017


shutterstock_227384539 - CopySome causes for absence can’t be avoided. People will get sick, a relative may pass away, or an employee may become disabled. Other reasons for absence have nothing to do with sickness or injury. These are job related conditions, and if they aren’t cured they can hurt your bottom line and your company’s reputation.
Job Related Conditions for Frequent Absences
Job-related conditions include more than just an accident at work or George coming in with a head cold and spreading it through the sales department. The work environment and level of employee engagement can also determine how often your employees call in sick. These conditions include:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Bullying/harassment
  • Low Morale
  • Job hunting due to bullying, stress or low morale

These conditions are preventable and if they go unchecked your company can gain the reputation of being a bad place to work.
A Bad Place to Work
When a company is considered a bad place to work more employees will leave the organization in search of better conditions. The high turnover rate will be difficult to offset because the company will also have a difficult time recruiting quality candidates to fill open positions.
With a high turnover rate and positions that are difficult to fill, the quality of the company’s products or services will be affected. When a company’s products or services are affected, the company will suffer from customer dissatisfaction and a poor company image.
A company’s revenue, reputation and market share will be negatively impacted due to a poor working environment and high absentee rate.
Employee Engagement
Increasing employee engagement, encouraging workers to use their vacation time to prevent burnout and instituting a zero tolerance for harassment will improve company morale and attendance rate. Earning a reputation for being a company that cares will also help your organization recruit the top candidates in your industry and improve company efficiency.
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