4 Benefits of Allowing Call Center Employees to Socialize

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December 28th, 2020


Considering that call center employees spend their working hours on the phones with customers, opportunities for socializing may seem scant. However, agents aren’t tethered to their seats from the moment they arrive to the instant they clock out of work for the day. Employees visit the breakroom for coffee, take breaks for lunch, or pass each other in the halls.

While productivity-driven employers may frown upon idle chatter, socializing amongst agents can reap several benefits:

  1. Happier employees. Call center agents spend a significant portion of their day at work. If employees don’t engage with each other, the office can quickly become a dreary place. Call center employees who don’t enjoy their work environment are less likely to grow their skills or deliver superior service to customers.
  2. Faster onboarding. The first few days on the job are often daunting for new employees. Even if their employer provides extensive training and guidelines, employees often learn better from their peers. They can discover helpful tips that help them perform better at their job and find their fit within the company’s culture.
  3. Less employee turnover. Call centers often struggle to retain employees for several reasons, some of which are outside of their control. However, allowing employees to socialize is an effective means to reduce the turnover rate. The environment is friendlier, which helps employees perform better. These successes often lead to praise and recognition, which fuels future efforts in the workplace. When employees thrive in the workplace, they’re more likely to stay.
  4. Better collaboration and coaching. All teams are stronger when they work together. Call center employees that socialize are more likely to help each other out or offer advice. Without this camaraderie, employees are less likely to improve, engage, or enjoy their work.

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