5 Methods to Keep Employees Engaged During the Summer

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July 15th, 2019


With the arrival of warm summer weather and enticingly clear skies, employers may notice their staff’s attention wandering. With friends and families going on vacations all around them, it’s hard not to daydream, especially when they live vicariously through it on social media. Employers may notice employees calling out frequently on Fridays or Mondays to prolong their weekends or other disruptive absences.

The following are several ways that employers can encourage better engagement during the summer months before attendance becomes an issue:

  1. Allow for flexible schedules. Instead of dreading to see if employees call out on Friday, work with their desires. For example, allowing for summer schedules so employees can work longer hours Monday-Thursday in order to have Fridays off can be hugely appealing for many employees. Depending on the organization and industry, employers may be able to offer half-day Fridays through the summer months as a benefit.
  2. Encourage creativity. Dress down or casual Fridays are nothing new. However, employers can add a fun and creative twist to them by giving certain Fridays of every month a theme. For example, one month could be a tropical theme where employees dress in their favorite Hawaiian shirt. Employees could hold a vote on who has the best shirt for a chance to win a small prize such as a gift card. Letting employees express themselves through their clothing as well as offering them a chance to win a prize can be a powerful motivator.
  3. Hold outdoor meetings. Part of the appeal of calling in sick to work on a beautiful summer day is to enjoy the nice weather. If possible, try holding meetings outdoors so employees can take in some fresh air. Putting in picnic tables in a shaded spot can also allow employees to eat outdoors.
  4. Host a company picnic. Holding an annual event can be as simple as grilling out or as involved as ordering catering. Either way, companies should include games like corn hole or bat mitten as well as encourage employees to bring their families along, too.
  5. Set goals with rewards. Establishing tangible goals whether to increase marketing ROI, improving customer satisfaction, or even aiming for perfect attendance can go a long way toward improving engagement and productivity. This is especially true if there is a reward for achieving the goal. This can be as simple as a free lunch on the company’s dime or as large as an extra paid day of leave.

One last point worth noting, employers should encourage their employees to take vacations. While it may seem counterintuitive to actively suggest employees take off a week of work, it reenergizes and improves their overall wellbeing. Employees who go on annual vacations are much less likely to experience burnout and the associated attendance issues that follow.

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