How to Simplify Your Claims Processes to Improve Growth

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March 9th, 2020


Filing an insurance claim is often a frustrating time for customers as they’ve likely experienced a loss. A claims process that is difficult or slow to produce results can further those aggravations and can cause customers to look elsewhere for their insurance coverage. There are a lot of factors that contribute to customer loyalty, and the claims experience tops that list.

Technology Band-Aids No Longer Bridging the Gap

Customer Pain Points

Insurance providers know that customers expect a mobile application and an online portal to manage their bills, policies, and claims. However, simply developing an app is not enough. Many forms still require customers to download and print them out to complete. Then they have to scan and upload the document.

This process is time-consuming and no longer realistic. The setup of a desktop computer with a separate printer has faded into technology history as more people rely on laptops. The need to print things in general has decreased as more industries get on board with electronic documents and signatures. Add in the cost of buying a printer and ink, and owning a printer becomes costly and unnecessary.

Electronic forms still pose problems for customers as well as many aren’t responsive. If the customer happens to be home and have access to their laptop, they can fill out the form. If they attempt to do so on their phone or tablet, however, many begin to experience compatibility problems. In a high-tech world, these kinds of difficulties are unacceptable to most insured customers.

Insurance Provider Pain Points

Even when insurance providers offer forms, they often lack the ability to capture the information contained within it. This means they have to manually carry over the information the customer provided, which takes time and is prone to human error. Many forms also lack all of the details insurance adjusters need to process the claim so they end up contacting the customer to ask for the information again. This aggravates the customer as it comes across as redundant and delays the claim.

Switching from paper to a truly high-tech digital process can save insurance representatives’ and adjusters’ valuable time processing claims, expedite the claim for the customer, and improve customer satisfaction with the overall claims process. The experts at Actec understand what insurance providers need out of their claims handling processes. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your claims intake, FNOL, and more.