How to Address Attendance During Back to School Season

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September 9th, 2019


As summer comes to a close, students will be heading back to school. This means more vehicles on the roads as teenagers drive themselves and buses pick up younger students. Not only that, but employees may transport their children to school themselves. This increase in traffic and personal responsibilities may cause problems at work as previously punctual employees begin trickling in well after they were due to arrive.

Develop a Preparedness Plan

Back to school season is an easily trackable event and it doesn’t have to present challenges if employers know how to manage it effectively. Sending out reminders to employees can keep it on their radar and recommending making adjustments to when they depart for the office can reduce tardiness. Employers should also allow for leniency the first week back to school as employees make adjustments to their schedules.

Accommodating Employees with Children

While employers don’t have to accept tardiness as the status quo, they can make changes to make it easier for parents that drive their children to school. Instituting flexible schedules can allow these employees to shift their work hours to allow for this change in their routine. Not only does this improve the employee’s morale, but it also improves their loyalty to the company, as they know their employer cares about their work-life balance.

When to Intervene

Employers may notice attendance problems at the start of the back to school season, but tardiness can be a sign of a larger problem. Employees who habitually arrive late despite adequate forewarning and fair accommodations may be abusing their employer’s trust. Implementing an absence management system can allow employers to track late arrivals, early departures, and unexcused absences.

This allows managers to identify attendance trends and pinpoint potential absenteeism before it becomes a chronic, widespread problem. Actec understands the challenges involved in managing attendance. Our customizable absence management solutions can help you stay on top of attendance and improve productivity. To learn more about implementing an absence management system, contact the experts at Actec.