4 Proven Ways to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

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October 13th, 2021


Positive customer experiences drive the success of all insurance companies. A recent survey from Microsoft found that the overwhelming majority (95%) of customers base their loyalty on the quality of service they receive. Other surveys report similar statistics across all industries, which underscore the importance of providing an excellent experience during every customer interaction.

With the pandemic keeping many people at home, customers are shopping online and reaching out to customer support more than ever. Whether they need help deciding on which product to purchase or need clarification on their policy, customer service representatives need to deliver the best service possible. Here are several methods customer service representatives can use to provide consistent, high-quality service:

  1. Know the products. Customers don’t often understand their policies or their coverage needs as well as they should. They need a knowledgeable agent to guide their purchasing decisions and clarify any questions they may have. Agents that recommend supplemental policies to prevent coverage gaps, bundles to help save the customer money, and tips that lower the customer’s insurance costs will be far more effective than agents that can only regurgitate a memorized script.
  2. Embrace creative problem-solving. Creative problem-solving is a much sought-after soft skill, and it requires looking beyond a quick fix. Customer service agents that thrive on finding solutions will advance customer loyalty much more than agents that focus on the customer’s policy limitations.
  3. Strive for positive communication. Customers often call their insurance providers after they experience a loss, and their emotions are running high. Agents that remain calm, friendly, and empathetic can help the customer deescalate to navigate the claim process. If a customer initiates communication through chat or text, customer service agents must remain aware that tone doesn’t always convey through these channels. Using friendly punctuation, humor, or emojis can imbue their words with warmth and compassion.
  4. Respond quickly, resolve thoroughly. Customers value their time, and they do not appreciate waiting on hold or navigating a convoluted phone tree before even broaching their problem. Agents need to respond as soon as a customer reaches out on all platforms, including calls, messages, and texts. However, customers don’t want agents to rush while resolving their problems. Respond promptly and investigate carefully to secure ongoing customer loyalty.

Customer service representatives are the first responders to customer inquiries. Insurance companies need a top-tier call center to deliver the quality of service the modern customer expects. Contact the experts at Actec to learn how our nearshore call center solutions can improve the customer experience.

How to Cultivate Trust Between Insurance Companies and Customers

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March 2nd, 2021


In the not-to-distant past, purchasing insurance products was a frustrating and challenging task for most customers. They didn’t understand the minutiae of various policies and often had to rely on industry experts to help them decide. This confusion bred distrust, which led to lower customer engagement compared to other industries.

As the internet boomed, businesses began moving their services and products online. It didn’t take long for customers to develop a preference for digital channels of communication. The insurance sector created web portals to keep pace with the competition, but this approach resulted in little innovation. Insurance companies had websites, but they failed to live up to customers’ expectations or meet their needs.

What Customers Want

To fix the problem, insurers need to know what customers expect on their websites. The following are some of the biggest influences on customer satisfaction and trust:

  • Ease of use. Customers don’t like filling out confusing forms. While paperwork is an unavoidable element of filing a claim or inquiring about a product, it should be a simple, easy-to-understand process.
  • Remove uncertainty. Customers hate not knowing what to expect regarding their claims or inquiries. They want to know when someone will contact them or what they can do in the interim to expedite the process.
  • Targeted advice. Customers want access to all the relevant information before making an insurance purchase. While they prefer self-service options, they want relevant information to help guide their choice as well. They also want quick and easy access to a representative to ask questions about their policy or claim. Implementing a text or chat service can help achieve this goal.

Customers want several communication channels to engage with their insurance provider. Some may prefer speaking over the phone, while others may prefer digital channels. However, email and web portals are often too slow for urgent questions. Giving customers the option to text or chat with their insurance provider can provide timely answers, address concerns, and improve customers’ trust. To learn more about text and chat services, contact the experts at Actec.

How to Turn FNOL into a Customer Satisfaction Opportunity

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September 24th, 2018


Customer loyalty is harder to achieve than in years past thanks to aggressive competitor pricing and the ease of purchasing insurance online. It’s not new information that first notice of loss (FNOL) represents the single greatest moment to improve customer satisfaction during the claims process. However, creating a positive FNOL experience can turn a customer into a brand ambassador via word of mouth.

What Customers Want from Their Insurer

When a customer makes a claim, they are likely in a state of distress. They’re reporting a loss of some type, and are relying on their insurer to navigate the complexities of the claims process for them in a quick and efficient manner. If an insurance company suffers from a poor claims cycle, they are more likely to lose customers to competitors with more streamlined claims practices. From FNOL to claims resolutions, customers want the following from their insurance provider:

  • Empathy
  • Efficiency
  • A clear plan of what to expect during the claims process
  • Reassurance

Above all, though, claimants want to know their insurance company will respond as fast as possible. Customers can initiate FNOL over the phone, via an app, an online website, and more. The moment they begin the FNOL process, the clock is ticking for the insurance company to assure the customer that they will take care of their needs.

Effective Communicate is Vital to Customer Satisfaction

What this really boils down to is superior communication. Now more than ever, customers want to know what is going on with their claim every step of the way. They want updates on each stage of the claims process as well as next steps. Customer-centric insurance providers know this and offer customers several ways to receive updates. Some customers prefer texts while others want a direct phone call.

An insurance company that takes the time to reassure their customers at the outset of a claim as well as maintains effective communications through the claim cycle is more likely to retain customers. While competitive pricing may lure customers briefly, superior services will win out in the end. Although insurers need to make certain their entire claims process is effective, FNOL sets the tone for the entire duration of a claim. If your FNOL processes are lacking, you run the risk of losing customers. Contact the experts at Actec to learn how we can help your company implement groundbreaking FNOL solutions.