Are Your New Adjusters Making These Mistakes?

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September 3rd, 2019


There is a steep learning curve for new adjusters just as there is for anyone entering into a new career track. Insurance adjusting has a broad appeal due to how easy it is to enter the industry and how lucrative it can be straightaway. Once an adjust passes their state license exam, they’re good to get started. They also know they won’t get paid until they close their claims. This usually results in the mentality to close as many claims as possible. However, several hurdles impede an adjuster’s ability to close claims rapidly and these challenges can result in mistakes.

Insufficient Preparation for Estimate Writing

The vast majority of claims work is spent writing estimates. With hurricane season in full force, new insurance adjusters can expect several claims to come their way in the next few months. However, while they’ll be juggling several claims, which means a good deal of money is at stake, they’ll also be struggling to get a handle on accurate estimate writing.

Programs exist to assist with this, but learning them takes time that veteran adjusters won’t have when natural disasters strike. New insurance adjusters need to learn the ropes of estimate writing and understand the basics well in advance of known busy seasons for insurance claims. This will reduce how long it takes the new adjuster to close claims, meaning faster payouts.

Disorganized Processes and Procedures

New adjusters will need a systematic, step-by-step process for how they work claims. Failing to do so will often leave new adjusters bouncing from task to task, missing small details, or forgetting certain steps. Small mistakes can result in kicked back claims, which take up valuable time to untangle and resolve. Organization is key in keeping details straight and having airtight procedures for working claims can ensure they process smoothly from start to finish.

Actec understands the challenges involved in processing claims. Customer tensions are high and adjusters need to process claims quickly to keep everyone happy. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your claims life cycle from first notice of loss (FNOL) to closing the claim.