4 Ways Call Center Agents Help to Grow the Company’s Brand

Posted on

May 24th, 2022


outsource fnolCall center agents are the frontline brand ambassadors for businesses. They’re often the first person a customer speaks to when they call with a question or problem, and that interaction shapes the customer’s perception of the company. Call center agents can do much more than field incoming calls. With the right tools, they can drive loyalty, enhance a company’s brand and reputation, and generate revenue.

The following are four ways call centers can redefine the agent’s role and empower them to grow the company’s brand:

  1. Making an impression. Call center agents are often an untapped resource for advocating the company’s brand. Well-informed agents can leave customers with a lasting positive impression of the company. Providing agents with easy-to-find and -digest content that is relevant to customer requests is critical for agent knowledgeability, quality of knowledge, and service effectiveness.
  2. Transforming customer perceptions. Many customers reach out to call centers after performing their own search for answers. They view agents as a quick fix and don’t have a high level of trust in agents’ capabilities. Call centers cultivated that perception over the years by relying on canned responses and rigid transcripts. Agents can transform this viewpoint by personalizing customer interactions. For example, agents can engage with customers on their preferred communication channel (i.e., text, chat, phone call, or email), reference previous interactions with the customer, or make a personal remark based on data records (e.g., wishing the customer a happy birthday or thanking military service members for their service).
  3. Harnessing data to make smart upsells. Many eCommerce websites feature a carousel with recommended products or frequently purchased with products. In service-based industries, customers don’t always know what products and services complement their existing purchases. Agents can reference historical customer data to make relevant upsell recommendations, increase revenue, and drive value.
  4. Acting as the voice of the customer. Call center agents know a company’s customers better than anyone else in the organization. They listen to their difficulties, work with them to solve their problems, and engage with them at a personal level. While customer data is invaluable, agents have insights into the customers’ emotions, preferences, and more. Businesses that encourage agents to share their knowledge can implement changes that improve the customer experience and perception of the company.

Call center agents are the first point of contact for many customers. Providing them with advanced training and technology hones their skills and elevates their service quality. Over time, a successful call center can transform the customer perception of agents from a band-aid solution to a trusted advisor. Contact the experts at Actec to learn more about the benefits of an empathetic and high-tech call center.

Advantages of Domestic Call Centers

Posted on

June 11th, 2019


Call centers provide the backbone to a wide variety of custom service operations throughout the world – from tech support and insurance claims to account management and even emergency response. Yet not all regions share the same languages, cultures, and styles of communication. Support from domestic call centers has proven more efficient and effective as there are fewer communication challenges due to the aforementioned reasons.

But the advantages of leveraging local and regional talent to support your organization in its call center apparatus extend far beyond improved communication – employing call center staff in communities where your customer reside helps them to relate to one another, creating a bond of trust and empathy that can be difficult to find in the internet age. Further, labor rights and job protections in the United States are far superior to those in most of the inexpensive developing nations commonly used in call center outsourcing. This makes domestic call center staffing both practical and ethical.

When retaining call center services for your organization, think about the importance of your client relationships and brand integrity. Opting for domestic call centers says as much about your intentions as an organization as it does about the quality of the services you provide. To learn more about call center operations, outsourcing, and the advantages of domestic call centers, contact us.