External Software Solutions

External Software Solutions

Actec’s external software solutions handle both 24/7 and after-hours/overflow business for many customers using their intake applications remotely including workers’ compensation, commercial and personal loss and non-occupational notices such as FMLA, short/long-term disability and absence management.

external software solutions
  • Remote applications comprise over 50% of our business, we focus much of our resources and expertise on creating the most effective workflow and support for these clients, including dedicated agent skill set assignment.

  • As a leading provider for intake on client web-based or intranet software, we have developed an effective workflow for transparent integration with our clients’ applications. We are experienced in implementing and maintaining a variety of connectivity options, from simple internet access to complex VPN portal connections.

  • We seamlessly launch the client system through CTI (based on the incoming dialed number for automatic identification) and provide essential wrap-around activity tracking as well as value-added services. Through our front- and back-end modules, many additional services are available even when we enter FNOL on a client’s application.

  • Customer set-up profiles provide flexibility in customizing remote intake application workflows, including personalized greetings, line of business selection and connection target, additional custom questions and non-claim reports, inquiry messages, escalation notifications, etc.

  • Complete call and intake activity tracking, with system timestamps for calls, notice entry, post-intake procedures, distribution and filing, when applicable, for comprehensive management reporting

  • Vendor referrals and transfers

  • Automatic backup on Actec’s intake system in case of unavailability of remote application or connection

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Our proprietary intake and distribution system was designed and built using Sertec’s twenty-plus years of multi-industry claim and incident reporting experience. Actec’s first notice of loss (FNOL) best practices provide the flexibility to customize scripts to meet your requirements for all major commercial and personal lines and disability claims. All aspects of notice intake are tracked from initial contact through every dissemination of the completed report.