FNOL Workflow Enhanced With Tailored Solutions

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January 19th, 2016


Costs related to data errors and processing inefficiencies are the most expensive elements of the FNOL process. If you can create a customized workflow with tailored software and intake management solutions, your company can improve return on investment and increase customer satisfaction.
Multiple Systems Involved with FNOLshutterstock_252811903 - Copy
First notice of loss reporting combines both customer relationship management systems and content management systems. Information updates aren’t always available in real time, which can impact the entire claims process. It can also lead to expensive situations, such as:

  • Delayed status reports
  • Processing delays due to verification from multiple systems
  • Data entry errors due to a lag in system updates
  • Processing mismanagement due to misfiling of claims

Intuitive and Customized Workflow
In order to increase efficiency, companies need a customized workflow that helps guide agents and documents through a customized system for specific business needs. This can help:

  • Guide agents through the correct process
  • Route claims through proper handling systems
  • Track activity to offer status updates
  • Offer a 24/7 touchpoint for the customer

A one size fits all software solution may not be right for your business. Contact the experts at Actec for more information about our proprietary intake solution.