Speech Analytics a Valuable Technology for Insurance First Notice of Loss Centers

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May 13th, 2015


Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies in contact centers. Speech
analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls in order to review and improve customer interactions with company representatives. The general focus of the analysis includes:

  • topics being discussed
  • emotional character of the speech
  • analysis of speech patterns, and
  • the amount, frequency and location of non-speech patterns which generally represent hold times)

Valuable Tool
Speech analytics is used to gather critical business intelligence that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Phone interactions between representatives and customers are analyzed and categorized. Useful information is gleaned in a process called audio mining. Companies are finding this technology is useful for understanding more about the customer experience and what customers really think about their company. This gives them the opportunity to evaluate and make adjustments to their customer service policies and procedures. Speech analytics are a valuable tool for determining the training and coaching needs of customer service representatives.
Precision and Recall Measures
While speech analytics have come a long way since they were first introduced into the business world, it still can be difficult to make meaningful comparisons between the accuracy of varying speech analytics programs. What matters most to the evaluator (and the person being evaluated) is the accuracy of the program to point out real issues. Typically, precision and recall measures are used to quantify the responses of the analytics search system. Precision measures the proportion of search results that are relevant to the topic being analyzed. Recall measures the proportion of the total times a relevant search was returned. For example, if a researcher is looking for a specific phrase, precision would be the proportion of times the phrase was found within the context of the overall audio file, and recall would be measured by how many times the phrase is found within the file.
The information gathered through speech analytics technology makes it easier for supervisors, analysts and others in the company to spot changes in customer behavior and make refinements to the customer service delivery process that, in the end, increases customer satisfaction.