How to Manage Employees Across Multiple Locations

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December 21st, 2020


With many employees still telecommuting, businesses are familiar with the challenges of managing employees they no longer see in person. Some of the most common pain points are confusion regarding new procedures or projects, diminished productivity, and administrative difficulties. Businesses can implement several strategies to help reduce these issues.

Provide Clear Guidelines

Employees are navigating their new norm while trying to keep up with their typical responsibilities. If employees aren’t sure what they’re supposed to be doing, their work isn’t likely going to align with the company’s needs. Confusion also causes delays and can stifle productivity. Businesses should set clear policies, update project priorities, and clarifying timelines for telecommuting employees.

Prioritize Communication

Employees may feel lost, neglected, or disconnected after so much time spent at home rather than in the office. They’re less likely to care about company policies without oversight and may lose interest in their work. Communicating often across multiple channels can help unify employees during these challenging times. Recognizing hard work, establishing a virtual coffee hangout before work hours, and other efforts to maintain open communication can help remind employees they are still a valuable part of the team.

Utilize Technology

Day-to-day administrative tasks are much more challenging when switching to a remote workforce. Without technology, attendance, meetings, and collaboration among employees are almost impossible. Many businesses embraced video conferencing to maintain meetings and facilitate communication between departments working on various projects. Investing in attendance tracking software is also critical to avoid time theft and unchecked absenteeism.

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