Manage Absences with Preventative Care Incentives

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October 17th, 2016


shutterstock_174875483There are a variety of reasons an employee may use their paid time off (PTO). They might be sick, their child may be ill, or a family member may have passed. No matter how legitimate, an employee absence can be expensive and disruptive. While employers cannot mitigate all causes of absences, they can do something about their employees’ health.
Many employees do not feel comfortable taking PTO for a preventative care visit. As a result, they are more prone to illnesses that could have been avoided. Some employees even feel that their company would frown upon them making a preventative care appointment during work hours. This means the vast majority of the workforce is attempting to schedule these appointments after work. This leaves little opportunity to secure a doctor’s visit.
To change this perception and reduce the likelihood of employees falling ill, some employers are instituting an Unsick Day as part of their PTO. Employees would have access to PTO specifically for preventative care appointments. By dedicating a day to seeking preventative care, employers can reduce the amount of time employees will need to take off for a preventable illness. They will also save on the associated cost with extended employee absences.
Many employers have wellness programs and want their employees to use their given healthcare. This benefits both parties as employers have a consistent workforce and employees are not dealing with avoidable illnesses. However, many employees do not seize upon these opportunities. To learn more ways to reduce employee absences due to illness and improve absence management, contact the professionals at Actec.