An Effective 24/7 Claims Reporting System Is Essential

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April 2nd, 2015


Many individuals require an effective after-hours claims service. Today, most insurance businesses have 24-hour toll free lines for their clients to call up in times of trouble.
With Actec, you get the benefit of our professional staff that is trained to support a customer through a claim. We can also help with reporting the claim to your insurance company and will work with the customer and the company to ensure that the customer is satisfied with how their claim is handled.
Claims are not time specific and can happen around the clock; all the more reason to have a 24/7 claims reporting system available. Although loss is something people have no control over, when a customer calls in to report a loss, we can take control of the situation.
A lot of businesses today are outsourcing FNOL systems, to allow their own staff to focus more on their respective tasks. When you join hands with Actec, you benefit from having a representative present at all times to take a call and provide instant care.
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