4 Ways Effective Communication Boosts Call Center Success

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February 15th, 2022


How a company communicates internally has far-reaching effects and contributes directly to its long-term success. It plays a critical role in how well a call center performs. The following are several ways effective communication improves a call center’s performance, the quality of customer service employees provide, and the company’s bottom line:

  1. Better productivity. Call center employees won’t perform well if they don’t understand their role or what their employer expects of them. Confusion often leads to frustration, which restricts productivity. Employees perform with much greater efficiency when they have clear guidelines and understand their responsibilities.
  2. Improves engagement. Managers communicate with call center employees regularly to ensure they understand the company’s goals and service expectations. However, companies need to ensure that line of communication goes both ways. Employees can’t engage as well with their work if they can’t seek input from management for clarification or feedback. Having open dialogue also shows employees that their managers appreciate their input and care about their workplace concerns.
  3. Better quality of service. Good internal communication often translates to improved external communication with customers. Effective communication helps call center employees feel confident in their role, which enhances the quality of service they can provide. Customers appreciate direct and transparent communication, and providing that improves their loyalty.
  4. Solves internal issues. Workplace tensions will simmer and explode without effective communication. Teams can resolve internal issues by employing active listening and formulating respectful and professional responses. These effective communication strategies can transform destructive arguments into constructive conversations.

Effective communication is a critical element of any successful call center. Communication strategies affect internal and external workplace relationships. Actec understands the importance of having an effective call center that delivers consistently high-quality service. Contact us to learn more about our nearshore contact center services.

4 Ways Nearshore Call Centers Outperform Offshore Outsourcing

Posted on

July 20th, 2021


near shore fnolCall centers are an effective means to deliver timely customer service for a growing company. Many businesses turn to offshore call centers because they’re often less expensive. However, offshore call centers have several hidden issues that many companies don’t discover until they start losing customers. Here are some of the top ways offshore call centers fall short:

  1. Unforeseen costs. The appeal of an offshore call center is almost always the lower cost of labor. However, hidden expenses often undercut most of those savings. For example, any protocol or software modification a company requests comes with a hefty price tag. Offshore call centers can create legal headaches for the company too, as they are often aggressive about reaching key performance indicators (KPI). If the call center breaches Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protocols, companies can find themselves at the center of an expensive lawsuit.
  2. Lack of familiarity with the company. Offshore call center agents aren’t likely to know the culture of the company. Their goal to reach their KPIs can cause them to overlook the company’s end state. While they may be securing more sales, their approach can result in an inferior experience for the customer. Over enough time, customers will seek a new provider that delivers the service they expect.
  3. Culture barriers. Offshore call center agents often struggle to relate with American culture, which can result in unsatisfactory customer support. Language barriers are also a significant problem. Even if agents are fluent in English, they are often unfamiliar with slang terminology or regional accents. If the agent and customer struggle to understand each other, the agent isn’t likely to resolve the customer’s issue.
  4. Limited oversight. Companies place a lot of trust in offshore call centers, but it’s almost impossible to observe how agents interact with customers. If a call center misunderstands or fails to adhere to company protocols, the substandard service they provide will hurt the company’s reputation.

Nearshore call centers eliminate the above concerns for several reasons. Chief among them is their cultural familiarity. Nearshore call centers understand American laws and culture due to their proximity. It’s also easier to communicate with nearshore call centers as the time zone difference isn’t as significant. Contact the experts at Actec to discover how nearshore call centers can benefit your business.

4 Benefits of Nearshore Call Centers

Posted on

July 27th, 2020


Many businesses are well aware of the benefits of a call center. For certain industries such as insurance, having a call center is a necessity to remain in business. Accidents rarely happen during business hours, and customers need to be able to file a claim when the loss occurs—not the following day when their insurance provider’s office opens. However, selecting the right kind of call center is critical to maintaining the company’s image as well as keeping customers happy.

Many people associate call centers with countries across the world, which is typically the case for offshore call centers. They may be based out of India, the Philippines, or many other international countries. Conversely, nearshore call centers are located in a similar geographic location to the business that hires them. Having a nearshore call center can reap the following benefits for businesses:

1.      Familiarity with culture. For businesses in the US, nearshore often means Mexico, Canada, or nearby islands. One of the biggest benefits to this is that these locations often have cultural overlap with US customers. This eliminates the struggles between cultural barriers, which can facilitate better service.

2.      Similar business hours. Nearshore call centers can offer extended business hours while still being reachable during a normal working day. For example, if a nearshore call center is three hours off from the business’ location, executives from both sides can find overlapping working hours to discuss business concerns.

3.      Improved proximity. When a company needs to conduct training or hold business meetings at a nearshore call center, executives can travel to the call center with minimal hassle. While nearshore call centers are a short flight away, many offshore call centers require lengthy flights that consume several days. Shorter flights and similar time zones also mean less jet lag for these business trips.

4.      Improved customer satisfaction. Many nearshore call centers only hire 100% bilingual employees to ensure there is no language barrier. However, given that a significant portion of the US speaks Spanish, having a bilingual nearshore call center based out of Mexico can help serve a wider range of customers. Having similar cultures helps in this area as well, as call center employees can better empathize with customers during a crisis.

Investing in a nearshore call center allows businesses to focus on their core skills rather than fielding customer phone calls. By freeing up that time, businesses can concentrate their attention and efforts on growing their company and improving their bottom line. Contact the experts at Actec to learn more about our nearshore call center solutions.