Mobile FNOL Benefits Policyholders and Providers

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May 16th, 2017


smart devicesThe benefits of a mobile app for policyholders are obvious. Customers want easier interactions with their insurers and they want to interact from any device. Having a mobile app can improve first notice of loss (FNOL) procedures as well. For example, the customer can upload pictures related to the claim to speed up the process. Mobile apps benefit providers as well by removing inefficiencies and allowing them to take a more active role in resolving the claim.

Mobile Improves FNOL for Everyone

An example of how a mobile app benefits both the customer and the insurance company is when a flood occurs. If a homeowner comes home to discover their bathroom flooded, their initial reaction will likely be to call a plumber. The customer will then wait until a bill arrives before contacting their insurance company. In this scenario, the insurance company has no control over the repair expenses.
With a mobile app, the insurance company can recommend the best plumbers at affordable rates rather than paying the individual or company the customer located. This allows the insurance company to control costs and quality of repairs. The app can include recommendations for contractors and service providers as well as referral information from other customers.
This also reduces the number of steps a customer has to take to solve their problem. They no longer have to research and compare reviews and costs. By taking care of this process for customers, insurance companies can position themselves as the superior choice over their competitors. To learn more about regaining control over claims through improved first notice of loss, contact the experts at Actec.