Online Live Chat Support Drives Customer Satisfaction

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July 13th, 2021


As technology evolves, customer expectations rise with it. Traditional business hours can hamstring an insurance organization, especially if their competition offers 24/7 customer support. While most organizations can’t afford around-the-clock customer service agents, offering text and chat support is an affordable alternative.

Here are a few ways text and chat support improve the customer’s experience:

  • Availability when customers need it most. Accidents and losses can happen at any time, with many occurring outside the typical nine to five operating hours. Most insurance customers want to start the first notice of loss (FNOL) process right after the incident occurs. If the insured has to wait the entire weekend to begin their claim, they’ll be in a state of high stress and agitation by the time they reach an agent. Offering text and chat support allows the customer to start the claim process, receive answers for their coverage and policy questions, and keep them up to date on their claim as it progresses.
  • Less frustration. Customers hate calling customer service and encountering a pre-programmed phone tree. When customers experience a loss, they don’t want to navigate a convoluted voice response system to reach their destination. While text and chat services operate in a similar routing method, they can react to customer responses. Whether answering questions about policies, offering solutions based on historical data, or asking for clarification, text and chat services aren’t limited to the rigid structure of a phone tree.
  • Better information intake. Filling out a long form is the last thing a customer wants to do after experiencing a loss. Text and chat support can ask questions to obtain the information necessary to start the claim. Answering one question at a time is less daunting than a form littered with fields. These services can even autofill known answers, such as the insured’s name and address, to save time.
  • Superior service. Text and chat support help expedite the claim process, but they can improve the customer experience in other ways too. Insureds don’t know the nuances of the industry and may have coverage gaps without knowing it. Text and chat services can answer their questions about policy and coverage options while also making recommendations for compatible products. For example, many insureds don’t realize their homeowners’ or renters’ insurance doesn’t cover expensive items like engagement rings. If a customer asks about adding a spouse to their policy, text and chat support can inquire about their valuable personal property as well to ensure they have the coverage they need.

Text and chat services are transforming how insurance companies interact with their customers. Providing these additional communication channels eliminates pain points and provides a better customer experience. Contact the experts at Actec to learn more about implementing text and chat services.

How to Cultivate Trust Between Insurance Companies and Customers

Posted on

March 2nd, 2021


In the not-to-distant past, purchasing insurance products was a frustrating and challenging task for most customers. They didn’t understand the minutiae of various policies and often had to rely on industry experts to help them decide. This confusion bred distrust, which led to lower customer engagement compared to other industries.

As the internet boomed, businesses began moving their services and products online. It didn’t take long for customers to develop a preference for digital channels of communication. The insurance sector created web portals to keep pace with the competition, but this approach resulted in little innovation. Insurance companies had websites, but they failed to live up to customers’ expectations or meet their needs.

What Customers Want

To fix the problem, insurers need to know what customers expect on their websites. The following are some of the biggest influences on customer satisfaction and trust:

  • Ease of use. Customers don’t like filling out confusing forms. While paperwork is an unavoidable element of filing a claim or inquiring about a product, it should be a simple, easy-to-understand process.
  • Remove uncertainty. Customers hate not knowing what to expect regarding their claims or inquiries. They want to know when someone will contact them or what they can do in the interim to expedite the process.
  • Targeted advice. Customers want access to all the relevant information before making an insurance purchase. While they prefer self-service options, they want relevant information to help guide their choice as well. They also want quick and easy access to a representative to ask questions about their policy or claim. Implementing a text or chat service can help achieve this goal.

Customers want several communication channels to engage with their insurance provider. Some may prefer speaking over the phone, while others may prefer digital channels. However, email and web portals are often too slow for urgent questions. Giving customers the option to text or chat with their insurance provider can provide timely answers, address concerns, and improve customers’ trust. To learn more about text and chat services, contact the experts at Actec.