Get Your Company’s Intermittent Leave Under Control

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July 12th, 2016


shutterstock_227384539 - CopyOne of the most difficult leaves to manage from a Human Resource and management standpoint is FMLA Intermittent Leave. With employees on a reduced work schedule, employers often find it difficult to preserve productivity, managers struggle to keep a shift adequately staffed, and HR has difficulty accurately maintaining the employee’s FMLA leave bank. If your company can get intermittent leave under control, your organization will be able to maintain compliance while returning to optimum levels of productivity.
FMLA Intermittent Leave
Most employees will leave for a specific period of time if they are sick or injured. Once they are better, these employees will return to work and resume their duties without complications.
In some instances, however, an injury or illness will require an employee to take multiple leaves of absence. In addition, when the employee is at work, they may not be able to work their standard number of hours in a workweek or be able to complete all of their duties. For example, if the employee was full time before their injury, they may need to become part-time while they recover from their injury. They may also have to leave for several surgeries and spend time away from work to recuperate.
Employers find this type of intermittent absence one of the most difficult FMLA leaves to track for compliance and productivity. In fact, two-thirds of HR managers rank FMLA Intermittent leave as the most difficult to track and maintain.
One Call Solution
By creating a reporting system where employees can call in absences, companies can streamline their absence management process. And by using software that can report an intermittent leave absence and apply it to the employee’s FMLA leave bank, the company is one step closer to getting administration and compliance under control.
FMLA Intermittent leave takes planning, organization and a proactive strategy to maintain efficient employee utilization. To help learn how to get our company’s intermittent leave under control, contact the experts at Actec today.