Don’t Be Tardy with Your Absence Management Strategies

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January 12th, 2016


shutterstock_250505056 - CopyEmployees who are chronically tardy are the bane of many managers. Showing up ten or fifteen minutes late may not seem like an issue to some workers, however, from a management standpoint, it can be a serious problem. This is why part of a company’s absence management strategies has to include tardiness policies.
Create a Point System
Creating an occurrence policy should include people who arrive late, leave early or miss an entire day. For example, employees would receive half an occurrence if they are more than ten minutes late. This will help workers understand that the company believes punctuality is essential for continued employment.
Create a Workshop
Another strategy would be to have Human Resources conduct a workshop to help employees understand the importance of arriving to work on time. To make the workshop successful, it is important to stress the benefit to the employees and not just the company.
Put it in Writing
Create a section in the employee handbook that explains the company attendance policy and how tardiness will be handled by management. This will help if you need to reprimand or let go of employees who are chronically tardy to work.
Tardy employees effect department morale, production and management effectiveness. Including tardiness policies when you create an absence management strategy will create a better and more productive workforce.
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