Five C's of Full-Cycle Claim Reporting

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March 12th, 2014


Full-cycle claim reporting is an indispensable and highly detail-oriented aspect of FNOL and absence management implementation. As with many concepts in the business world, the idea is simple yet the execution requires a high degree of training and precision. Here are the ‘Five C’s’ of full-cycle claim reporting:

  • Control – containing costs is what brings the ROI to full-cycle claim reporting solutions
  • Configure – customized workflow is what where you find the adaptability to optimize for any claim intake situation
  • Capture – effective, efficient, and accurate notice intake is indispensable in achieving timely and successful claims resolution
  • Complete – post-notice services, including cast resolution, follow-up, and documentation make the system concretely successful
  • Communicate – dissemination and reporting keep everyone on the same page, making full-cycle claim reporting effective for companies of nearly any size