Actec Systems: Comprehensive Incident Reporting

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September 5th, 2014


Actec Systems has been providing claim reporting and other data intake services for many years. The experienced specialists are dedicated to providing solutions to commercial and personal insurance carriers, third-party administrators, FMLA services and more. They follow a complete incident reporting process to ensure that the reports are filed on time and accurately, thus avoiding re-submission and hefty fines. Full-cycle reporting starts with a comprehensive analysis of your needs, goals and the current process of your custom workflow. They ensure accuracy, minimization in call times and reduction of follow-up calls.
With Actec, policyholders can call the moment an incident occurs because Actec Intake Specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year. They collect and disseminate critical
information such as commercial and personal lines claims, short-term disability and long-term disability claims as well non-claim reports and inquiries. VoIP solutions are utilized for connecting policyholder account information with intake specialists. They complete call statistics and then the associated time tracking is summarized. The trainers and supervisors of this incident reporting company monitor daily calls, listen to live calls along with remote observation of FNOL intake. All calls are stored as .wav files and can be easily accessed.
The incident reporting process does not end at the recording of vital details. These claim reports are required to be converted to actionable information so you can manage risks effectively. Complete incident reports are communicated to key recipients and the urgent reports are immediately flagged as high priority according to your business rules.  Actec maintains first reports of injury (FROI) for worker’s compensation and does all state filing
processes of FROI as well as subsequent reports of injury (SROI). This incident reporting company provides you with all the data needed to monitor your performance such as the efficiency of in-house solutions, follow-up calls, filings and distributions and many other vital details.
The incident reporting process is aimed at reducing claims paid out, decreasing administrative costs and reducing overall expenses. The actionable data provides you with a complete overview of your organization for managing risks and
increasing profits.  For more information, contact us.