5 Biggest Trends Transforming Call Centers

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March 23rd, 2021


Most insurance companies that utilize call centers view it as the cost of doing business, but new trends are changing this perception. Modern call centers can do much more than provide a necessary service. They can engage with their customers in new ways to improve customer satisfaction. With customer expectations higher than ever, insurance providers need their call centers to deliver where it matters most.

The following call center trends are driving value and revenue:

  1. Prioritizing the customer experience. The customer’s experience affects their satisfaction with their provider, likelihood to purchase future products, and their continuing loyalty. While obtaining new business is important, retaining existing customers has a much greater effect on revenue.
  2. Making data-driven decisions. Insurers will struggle to improve customer satisfaction if they don’t know their pain points. Call centers gather a plethora of data that can help insurance providers identify customer preferences and trends. They can then harness that data to provide in-demand products, mitigate recurring problems, and tailor marketing efforts to meet customer expectations and desires.
  3. Personalizing every interaction. Customers expect call center employees to know who they are, what their existing coverage and policies are, and have access to previous calls they’ve made. Legacy systems can’t deliver this kind of experience, which forces the customer to repeat themselves every time they call. Without personalization, customers feel like a file number and that their insurer doesn’t care about them.
  4. Implementing omnichannel communication. Customers expect offline and digital options to communicate with their insurer. This goes beyond web portals or email. Today’s average customer is well-versed in technology, and they expect their insurance provider to keep pace. Insurance providers need a call center that can deliver exceptional service across all channels, including chat support, social media, and text.
  5. Bringing call centers closer to home. Offshore call centers appeal to many insurance companies because they’re comparatively inexpensive, and they can offer customer service around the clock. However, many insurers are realizing offshore call centers have hidden costs. Customers across the board have voiced complaints about the poor quality of service, as well as raised concerns about data security. Bringing call centers closer to home allows insurers to vet that new agents have the right skill set and experience for the job.

Meeting customer expectations is critical to retaining their business. Communicating with them when and how they want to, as well as providing superior service, can help achieve that goal. To learn more about enhancing your communication and call center services, contact the experts at Actec.