FNOL Is a Customer Centric Process

Posted on

March 11th, 2015


Customers are the very essence of every business. In fact, they are the most important asset for a company so it is vital that your FNOL system grants them the service and support they expect and require. At Actec, we believe that there isn’t anything worse than needing services from an insurer when they are closed.

Actec offers a 24/7 claim reporting system that will not leave your customers stranded in the middle of the road following a collision. We are there to fill in the gaps with experienced and well-informed personnel for the job.

Operating every hour of every day, Actec is prepared to provide top quality service to your customers, and maintain lasting relationships your business has with its customers. We understand the importance of being the first point of contact when notifying a claim, and are equipped with providing your clients with expert assistance in a friendly and professional manner.

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