Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is Now a Cost-Cutting Tool

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June 10th, 2015


An electronic filing system allows you to transmit data electronically to other parties while minimizing mistakes and saving time. FROI, SROI and medical bills can be carefully reviewed before submission to avoid delays. Additionally, these are some other benefits of e-Filing:
Improved Customer Service: Timely, resourceful and cost-effective services that help streamline communication with customers.
Quick turnaround time: Mailing, handling and other paper documentation are eliminated as well as processed and reclaimed faster.
Minimizes cost:  Compared to manual processing, EDI allows for cost reductions that give staff resources that can be redistributed to other areas.
Other probable savings: Costs associated with procurement, printing, postage, storage, replacement, stocktaking and distributing printed forms are minimized (and sometimes eliminated) with the use of electronic state filing.
Different states have various requirements for EDI filing, so always consult with a professional.
At Actec, we’re committed to helping you with your EDI filing requirements. To find out more about our services, contact us today.