Outsourced EDI Filing

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July 25th, 2014


Mandatory EDI (electronic data interchange) filing may be the biggest of all headaches in Workers Compensation Claim administration. Requirements vary from state to state. Missing or invalid data leads to time consuming resubmission, filing delays, excess staff time, and even fines.

Our Electronic State Filing Program carefully reviews all submissions for both FROI and SROI as well as annual filing requirements. We follow up for any missing or incomplete information making sure submissions received are accepted. Though these tasks can be accomplished in-house, for most organizations it is more efficient and effective to outsource it to experts in the field.

The state of California recently released statistics to all companies filing Workers Compensation (FROI). Actec had a success rate of 99.1% of all reports submitted that were accepted by the state on the first submission. The industry average for the one-year period was 77.4% acceptance on first submission. Actec works diligently to make sure your reports are filed timely and accurately, thus avoiding re-filing and potential fines. To learn more about how an ESF program can improve operations at your organization,
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EDI Filing – A Vital Component of Claim Management

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February 12th, 2014


Actec Systems is a leading provider of incident reporting and claim management services in the insurance industry. Having been in this field for many years, they have special expertise in handling workers’ compensation claim administration, short-term and long-term disability claims. The specialists pay special consideration to quick and accurate
capturing of complete information. It is vital that when an incident occurs, complete and critical details are collected. First Notice of Loss is the first report of a claim and forms an important part of your risk management program.

Whether it is commercial and personal lines claims, non-claim reports and inquiries or catastrophic events, Actec Systems is the best source for all of your risk management needs. The intake specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year so that all vital details can be recorded in First Notice of Loss.  The incident notices are then distributed to other
specialists for a quick turn-around. With Actec Systems, you need not worry about the security of the information as their internet self-entry is completely secure. It is integrated with a back-end intake system to ensure there is no loss of functionality. EDI filing is also a part of their services. Claims are submitted via electronic data interchange for the purpose of submission, dissemination and data consolidation.

EDI filing is required to be done by every company and most of them find it difficult to complete the complications involved. With the increasing role of e-commerce, no business can afford to ignore the relevance of the internet in the success of their enterprise. The requirements of EDI filing are different for different states and without the help of professionals; it can be a time-consuming task. Also, missing or invalid data or delays in filing can cause you more fines and troubles. The specialists at Actec Systems
are committed to helping you with all of your EDI filing needs. They carefully review FROI, SROI and medical bill filings before submission to filing to avoid delays and time-consuming submissions. The best practices followed by Actec reduce the need for follow-up. For more details, please browse through www.actec.net.

Electronic State Filing

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December 27th, 2010


Mandatory EDI filing may be the biggest headache in Workers’ Comp claim administration. Requirements vary from state to state. Missing or invalid data lead to time-consuming resubmission, filing delays, customer frustration, and even fines. If EDI filing gives you pain, Actec spells relief. Our experts carefully review FROI, SROI and medical bill filings prior to transmission to make sure your filings are done once, Done Right!.

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