FNOL and Technology: Human Element Still Required

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February 23rd, 2017


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyAs more cars integrate some sort of smart technology, auto insurance agents find themselves wondering if they will soon be out of a job. While OEMs can report accidents and get the first notice of loss (FNOL) process rolling, agents can rest easy. Customer, particularly younger customers, still want a human element involved in their claims process. This is great news for insurance agents as Generation Y made up the largest portion of auto insurance claimants for 2016 at 40%—this is a 7% increase from 2015.
While their customer satisfaction levels are the lowest of all the generations making claims, their perception is improving. Generation Y also has significant influence over the auto insurance industry. Because of this, many insurance providers are taking steps to address this generation’s wants and needs.
While Generation Y values smartphone apps and text alerts, they appreciate human interaction more. For example, a Generation Y claimant is more likely to use a mobile app for FNOL purposes than other age groups. However, they will want to talk to an actual agent about next steps and how their claim is progressing.

The Shifting Role of Insurance & Claims Agents

Successful insurance agents will adapt to new technology to meet their clients’ needs. Learn how customers are using technology and be ready to fill in the gaps. In addition, when a customer calls they have much higher satisfaction levels when they remain on the line with that agent. Their satisfaction drops if the original agent transfers them to a call center and it takes an even greater hit if the agent tells the customer to contact the call center himself or herself.
Customer satisfaction affects customer loyalty. Agents cannot afford to neglect client’s concerns or rely too much on technology to do the heavy lifting of a claim. To learn more about improving your business’s approach to FNOL or overall claims process, contact the experts at Actec.