Claims Process Outsourcing – Business Performance Efficiency

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July 28th, 2015


Today’s business organizations are faced with multiple challenges across a multitude of business functions and processes. Business challenges requiring high degrees of specialization, such as first notice of loss insurance claims processing, need to be highly customized to meet the needs of each unique organization and industry.
Optimizing processes such as improving the customer experience, dealing with a growing need for data, driving more business, better connectivity and integration can help all companies. To accomplish this, many organizations leverage an outsourcing model.
Business outsourcing isn’t new. As a matter of fact, it’s widely used – and accepted – by many organizations, of many sizes. Today business success is measured by outcomes and KPIs which help drive business growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. Whether the function is staffed internally, or outsourced to a specialty firm, is determined by efficiency and success metrics.
For example, absence claim reporting processes that are outsourced are typically more efficient and less expensive and, because of the dramatic shift toward internet-based work tools, the economy of scale of an existing, staffed 24/7 call center, and the existing systems and knowledge available from the outsource organization. Outsourced claims reporting services can assist companies in accelerating claims process optimization, ensuring fewer claims related issues, mitigating lost claims and wasted time.
Increasingly efficient processes are a huge advantage for companies, especially larger organization. Specialty outsource business process providers can dramatically improve the efficiency, and bottomline, of a company. And that is what a true business partner is all about. For more information about absence management solutions, first notice of loss (FNOL) and 24/7 claims reporting, contact the experts at Actec.