Technology Expedites Claims During Catastrophic Events

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September 5th, 2017


shutterstock_306793247 - CopyNatural disasters and catastrophes are proving grounds for insurance providers. When a customer submits a claim, it is usually during a stressful event. During catastrophic weather incidents, customers need swift resolutions more than ever. This past Friday, Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc in and around Houston, TX. The degree of loss is much larger than a standard claim incident and presents a large challenge for insurance providers.

Simplifying FNOL

Thankfully, insurance companies are no longer pen and paper operations limited by their number of employees. For example, technology can now help adjusters manage claims without inspecting each one in person. This increases the number of claims a single adjuster can take on by a significant margin. Technology also simplifies first notice of loss (FNOL). Customers can submit claims by chat, video, or online portals.

Reducing Fraud and Expediting Claims

Technology reduces fraudulent claims as well. For instance, data mapping can allow insurance companies to determine if an individual’s home was in the path of destruction to corroborate their claim. Once the storm system moves on, adjusters can deploy drones to survey and assess the damage without having to travel to the location themselves. This not only improves safety for adjusters, it expedites claims. Customers no longer have to wait for adjusters to examine the damage in person before releasing funds.

Staying Connected with Customers

Technology serves one last major purpose: constant connectivity. Insurance companies can provide live updates on their social sites. Displays of compassion are vital to nurturing the customer’s experience during disastrous events. They help show customers that their provider cares about their plight. Actec understands insurers need working systems to speed up claims resolutions. To learn more about claims management, contact us.