Absence Management a Top Concern for Employers

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May 20th, 2015


Workplace absences, both short-term “casual” absences as well as long-term absences
due to family leave, disability and illness, affect employers of all sizes. While these types of absences are difficult for any employer, smaller businesses (employing less than 500 people) may experience the effects of absenteeism more adversely than large businesses.

Each year, employers spent 4.1 percent of payroll costs on unscheduled absences. Among large employers, as much as $850,000 is spent each year in payroll costs. (Disability Management Employer Coalition, 2014.)

Are workplace absences affecting your bottomline? What absenteeism management solutions have you considered implementing? Have you considered improving your absenteeism time tracking? What about improving your workforce scheduling procedures? Or perhaps you have considered implementing labor analytics software that will help with strategic planning and day-to-day decision-making.

In order to be truly effective, absence management systems need to be able to address multiple layers of the issues employers face. Truly managing absence and reducing absence-related costs requires a comprehensive approach. Look for solutions that:

  • Help managers quickly fill vacancies using advanced technology
  • Allow employees to swap shifts, which can dramatically reduce unnecessary absences
  • Track accruals in real-time so managers can approve requests based on accurate forecasting
  • Help HR determine leave eligibility based on the most current leave laws and company policies
  • Manage intermittent leaves without resorting to manual workarounds
  • Streamline communications related to absenteeism
  • Provide a well-documented audit trail

Actec Day 1 Absence Management Services can help employers simplify the leave process. We will help you customize your absence-related communications, administration and recordkeeping. Contact us today for more information. Click here or call us at 1-800-862-2832.