Manage Absenteeism with Wellness Programs

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March 17th, 2016


shutterstock_229854826 1920x750There is a new trend in employee management that has resulted in a significant impact on absenteeism and performance. Companies who sponsor fitness and wellness programs find that their employees are happier, more productive and less likely to call out sick.
An Increase in Wellness Programs
A recent study found that 70% of US businesses offered wellness programs, up 20% from 2008. This increase is due to the benefits of fitness programs across the board. Productivity is up, absenteeism is down and employee retention is improved.
Benefits of Wellness Programs
The increase in revenue has occurred despite the low ROI employers receive from creating and maintaining these programs. In fact, many companies have a goal separate from ROI when they decide to sponsor a wellness program for their employees. The four main reasons behind sponsored fitness and wellness programs include:

  • Improve teamwork/morale
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Health and Well-being of Staff
  • Improve Work Productivity

How Wellness Programs Improve Production
How is it that improving the health of employees has such a positive impact on production? In addition to improving overall health and wellbeing, diet and exercise improves cognitive performance in five main areas:

  • Mental stamina
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Learning

Employees who are able to focus on their work, retain facts and have improved creativity are able to get more work done in shorter periods of time. They are also able learn new skills faster and apply those new skills better than people who are not physically and mentally fit.
Reduced Absenteeism
Physical activity release endorphins, which means employees who exercise are in a better mood and less likely to become ill. They are also less prone to stress and dissatisfaction at work, reducing the need or desire to call in sick to work.
Absentee management strategies include absence prevention as well as creating workflows for reporting absences. The benefit of creating an employer sponsored wellness program reaches beyond reducing absences to all facets of the organization. To learn more tips on absence management, contact the experts at Actec.